Four Ways A Custom Mirror Can Enhance Your Home


Mirrors offer a way for you to transform a room, adding depth and dimension and changing the way light flows throughout the area. They also give you the chance to decorate your home with a personalised custom design. Here are some ways a mirror can help.

Opens Up A Room

A well-placed wall mirror makes a room seem more spacious than it actually is. By reflecting the open space in front, it creates the illusion that space extends behind the mirror also. A large mirror that covers an entire wall disguises the wall itself so it seems to disappear, seemingly doubling the room's size. Alternatively, several smaller decorative mirrors provide another way to create an illusion of spaciousness.

Makes A Room Brighter

Mirrors can also help rooms that don't get much natural light by reflecting existing illumination to brighten up the area. For the most benefit, position the mirror strategically. You could place it on a wall opposite or next to a window, so it bounces the incoming light around the room, giving the impression that more light is streaming in. Or, in a dark corner, a mirror will help to brighten and open up that nook for an overall brighter feel.

Creates A Focal Point

A mirror with a decorative frame creates a beautiful piece of art. Custom mirrors provide a wide range of options, often including antique glazing treatments to create a chic aged mirror effect. Additionally, you can tie a whole room decor together with a particular frame style, whether it be sleek and minimal or ornately carved. You can hang the mirror by itself or amidst other artwork, transforming a living room or entry hall. Why not create a unique accent in the bedroom with a custom mirror-tile bedhead? 

Adds Functionality

While mirrors are standard fare for the bathroom to help with grooming tasks, they can also fulfil this function in other areas. One handy place for a mirror is on the front or inside of closet doors in the bedroom. At the same time, on the outer side of the door, they will amplify the light within the bedroom and open it up for double the benefits. Alternatively, a full-length bathroom mirror allows you to see how your entire outfit looks. A kitchen can also benefit. A custom glass mirror-tile splashback bounces light across the countertop area, making it easier to prepare food and opening up the room at the same time.


23 May 2019

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