Novel Ways of Using Glass In Your Home


Glass is such a versatile material that it is a shame that many people ignore it for anything other than their windows when it comes to contemporary interior design ideas. Glazing can be the perfect means of producing a transparent surface that allows you to see from one room through to another, for example. Nevertheless, there is much more to it than that. Don't be restricted in your use of glass around the home!

If you are looking for some inspiration which you can draw on to make use of glass more in your home, then read on to find out some of the novel ways that homeowners are utilising the material in their interior décor these days.

Glazed Splashbacks

Because they are so easy to wipe down and keep in good condition, glass splashbacks around a kitchen work surface or next to a hand basin are extremely practical options. All you need to do is to wipe them over with a damp cloth with some soapy water to keep them sparking. Unlike tiles, they present a flat surface which means that removing stains and smears takes moments.

What's more, glazed splashbacks come in a large, single section which can be made to measure. As such, they're impressive visual features in the own right, especially when they are made from coloured glass with little details throughout each product. They can be made from recycled glass, too, making them environmentally sound.

Smart Partitions

If you want a clear line of sight between zones in your home – but only at certain times – then smart glazed partitions are ideal. These products create a partition between different rooms or sections of a single room but can be made to go opaque at the flick of a switch. You will often find them used in bathrooms and en-suites to afford a little privacy when wanted, but still to allow light to flow through when this is not needed.

Glass Floating Shelves

If you like the idea of transparency throughout your interior design ideas, then you may – quite understandably - be attracted to the use of glass. An increasingly popular way of using glass in modern interior design is to install floating shelves. Because they use a cantilevered system for fixing them to walls, there is virtually no visual profile with a floating shelf unit, making this sort of design ideal for displaying items. Those which are made from clear glass are even less visually impactful which means that they really make the object or objects they are supporting the star of the show.

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10 December 2018

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