4 Ways a Glass Shower Screen Improves Your Bathroom's Cleanliness


Since the whole point of taking a shower is to get yourself clean and fresh, you want the room where you shower to be as spotless as possible. Unfortunately, bathrooms can be difficult to keep clean, largely due to all the moisture generated, plus soap scum and other sources of dirt.

While regular cleaning is the only reliable way to keep your bathroom hygienic, there are a few things you can do to minimise how much time that takes, and how effective your efforts are. One of them is to switch your shower curtain for a glass screen, which can make a huge difference to your bathroom's cleanliness.

1. Glass has good mould resistance

Bathrooms are often havens for mould, with all the warmth and excess moisture encouraging it to grow on walls, ceilings and other surfaces. When you have a shower curtain, there's a good chance you'll eventually notice mould growing on it, as the materials made to use them are often porous so mould spores can settle in. Glass is naturally non-porous, so there's nowhere for spores to hide. If you do notice any mould or mildew growing on your shower screen, it can simply be cleaned away.

2. It's easy to clean

Mould isn't the only issue you need to worry about in a bathroom. Soap foam and water both leave residues as they dry, which can look unattractive and increase your chances of mould and bacterial growth. Glass shower screens are mercifully low-maintenance, with any residues wiping away easily with a cloth and some ordinary bathroom cleaner.

3. Moisture is kept more contained

Despite your shower screen being fairly resistant to mould, all the other surfaces in your bathroom are not. Walls and ceilings are particularly troublesome, with porous paint surfaces being difficult to keep mould-free.

A simple solution is to minimise how much moisture leaves the shower enclosure, and curtains aren't great for this. All the gaps allow clouds of condensation to spread throughout the bathroom and cause a damp environment. Glass screens, on the other hand, can be fitted closely to the enclosure, with a seal drastically reducing how much moisture can escape while you shower.

4. The room feels light and airy

Although it doesn't contribute to actual cleanliness, lots of light and space can make a room feel cleaner. It also helps you to spot any areas that need more thorough scrubbing and contributes to your mental wellbeing. A glass shower screen helps you achieve this by letting more light spread throughout the bathroom, making the room feel bigger and helping you feel less enclosed while showering.


24 November 2018

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